Hand loom weaving
Summer 2024 - Events

As the Museum is now closed for the winter, the Events programme is at an end.  We are working towards the summer of 2024 already and when our workshops and demonstrations are all arranged, they will be listed on this page. Huge thanks to Victoria for all her work in organising things. Here are some pictures of events during the 2023 summer. 

Mini weaving

Woven artwork


Braid weaving

Tapestry weaving

Tapestry weaving

Young and old(er) enjoying the Tapestry Tuesday fun. 

Kay-Lee Davies working on the loom

Felting with embroidery


Welsh quilting

Welsh Quilting

Photo Studio - Dressing up

Portrait photos were very popular in the second half of the 1800s. We have quite a collection from the studio of John Owen who worked in Newtown from the 1860s. We have created a photo studio of our own! 

We now have a collection of Victorian-style clothing in our Recreated Bedroom where you can dress up and take a photo that is reminiscent of the Victorian times. Loads of fun to imagine living in our cottages and working on the looms, but many of those having their portraits taken in the old days would have lived in better housing as the photos were not cheap! 

A visitor dressed as a 'grease monkey'
A Victorian style outfit
Pryce Jones and his wife
John Owen, photographer