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We absolutely love having visitors to the Museum, but it has been difficult because of covid so we started to feature some of our objects online.   It is also true that we often have interesting stories to tell about some of our objects that are not on display, or even if on display, we have a bigger story to tell. With advance notice, we can arrange to show you objects that are safely tucked away in our store room.

This page has been set up to let you discover more about some of our objects in our collection, and some of the details that go with them. 

Click on the picture (or link) or the caption to get the full details. 

Hats and caps

We have a traditional Welsh hat as well as some typical late 1800s caps in our collection. Check out their story. 

Shopping in the Victorian era

When researching the 2023 exhibition about Amelia Ray , we looked in our collection for related objects. This crochet purse would have been used to carry coins in the late 1800s. Check out the story. 

Newtown emigrants in mid 1800s

Humphrey Lewis and Edward Humphreys

Written accounts of the voyages of these men leaving Newtown for a new life overseas

Henry Humphrey Lewis c 1865

Edward Humphrey's letter

Welsh flannel - more of the story.

This note, with a small sample of red flannel pinned to it, is just one of nearly 1500 documents in our Amelia Ray collection. She was the owner of a draper's shop in High Street, Newtown in the 1870s and she is the subject of our 2023 Summer Exhibition. 

The sample of red flannel is important as everyday fabrics from that period are uncommon, but they form an important part of the story of our Museum as fine quality flannel was highly sought after. Read the story attached for more detail and make sure you visit us to see our fascinating exhibition -  Amelia Ray: A Victorian Entrepreneur At The Cutting Edge which opens on 2 May 2023. 

Detail from Knocker-up stick - it has a more exciting story to tell.

Always a bit of a mystery, some new information about the stick came to light during an Antiques Road Show episode. 


What is flannel?

Information on the fabric and its uses.